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Our wildlife hospital
Completed the fall of 2004, these photos were taken as we were moving in. The facility was built by Peter and by Dana’s dad. The facility was a necessity. For 13 ˝ years, a room in our home functioned as a wildlife hospital. For the animals’ sake, as well as health reasons, a separate building was needed to continue this work. A fundraiser in November of 2003 yielded many promises of help, so we felt comfortable going ahead with plans. Unfortunately, the majority of promises were not kept, so we were left having to pay for this building in addition to our normal wildlife expenses…and no idea where the money would come from. Aside from those concerns, we could not help but be excited about this new building. It is small, but, as always, lack of money dictates everything.  The stainless steel exam table resides in one corner of the room, IV fluids stand at the ready. Emergency supplies are handy in the colorful roll-about cart and on the shelf immediately above the exam table. Cages fill the building and are moved around and brought in as needed. Shelves hold food and supplies. The well-lit space makes examinations quick and much easier on the animals and us. During the times we are not in the building, the facility is awash in natural light through the four windows (one of which holds a stained glass angel donated by Sherry to watch over the patients). Screens allow fresh breezes to blow through on mild days. Trees keep the building from getting too hot on the warmest summer days and fans help as well. The floors were painted a relaxing aqua. After the first winter's heating costs, we quickly realized insulating the walls and ceiling was an absolute necessity, so that has been done since the photos were taken.