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Wag Wear

Tiny dogs have all kinds of outfits and accessories to choose from, but small, medium and large dogs… not so much. Wag Wear bandanas are the ideal accessory. Let’s face it, every dog looks adorable with a bandana on. It’s just the right touch without being over the top. Wag Wear also has collar charms available. What makes Wag Wear even grrr-reater is 100% of the profits goes to Kindred Spirits Wildlife Center! Now that's something to yap about!


Wag Wear bandanas are sold individually packaged in adorable gift bags.  The front features an original drawing of a dog (by our niece, Taylor, aka "Phoenix") with a cut out where a bandana would be so some of the actual scarf shows through.  The back has a larger section showing off the design, as well as the name of the piece and a cute canine-appropriate description.  There are bandanas for just about every holiday, as well as unique "every day" ones.  Listed below are the ones we currently have available with lots more in process of being cut out and sewn.

(Please note: bandanas priced $1.50 - $2.00 are pre-made scarves we purchased.  The designs are unique and attractive, but the material is much thinner and less expertly sewn than our handmade pieces.  That is why they are being sold for half price, or less.  Once we sell out of these, we will not reorder and will only sell ones we make ourselves because they are so much nicer.  If the bandana is only to be worn on special occasions then any will work just fine, but if you keep a bandana on your dog, we recommend only buying the higher quality, hand crafted ones.)

Bandanas are sold in our booth at the Treasure House, although not all of the designs are there at any one time (typically there's about a dozen different styles showcased).  You can e-mail us with the bandanas you want and we will put an order together for you to pick up at the Treasure House or we can mail them to you if you are not local.  You can purchase holiday bandanas any time of year, even after a holiday has passed.  However, only current holidays will be at the Treasure House.  We will have bandanas for: New Year's, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 


POLKA DOT POOCH -   "There's just something so fun and lighthearted about polka dots. No matter your pet's age, polka dots make everyone look and feel younger and happier. Show off your dog's colorful personality by putting a polka dotted bandana around her neck. Be ready for the compliments!"  Price - $2.00
HOT DOG! - "Can you feel the heat coming from this bold bandana? You know your pet is one hot pup, now the world will know it, as well. This scarf will put a spark in your dog's step. One look at these realistic flames and people will go in search of marshmallows to roast."  Price - $2.00
(note: flames not properly photographed but look great in person)
PAWS FOR THE CAUSE - "Who says dogs can't spread the message, too? Breast cancer has taken far too many wonderful women away from husbands, children, friends, and family, including it's only fitting we should support our "sisters" every way we can. Let your dog sport this "pretty in pink" ribbon bandana to show the world we are going to keep on until this horrific disease becomes a distant memory."  Price - $2.00
(note: the design has pink ribbons, along with lots of encouraging words like hope, faith, courage, strength along the border)
ALL AMERICAN CANINE- Show your support for the good ol' U.S. of A by putting this red, white, and blue bandana on your pooch. Whether your dog is a French poodle, Irish setter, German shepherd or Siberian husky, you can show the world he's American through and through.  Price - $1.50
SPUNKY IN STRIPES - This colorful bandana will put a sparkle in your dog's eye and a spring in her step. People won't be able to keep from smiling when they see your precious pooch dolled up with this bright, cheery scarf.   Price - $2.00
(note: shown "citrus stripes."  Also comes in blues called "berry stripes.")

WILD ABOUT YOU - "Show the world how wild you are about your dog or let them see a glimpse of your dog's wild side. Wild about You comes in three different colors/designs (zebra, cheetah, and tiger) so choose the one that best fits your dog's personality...or go "wild" and buy all three!"   Price - $2.00
APPLE OF OUR EYE - "So your precious pooch is the apple of your eye, why not show the world? Put this darling bandana on her and there will be no doubt what you’re trying to convey. (If your child’s teacher has a dog, wouldn’t this make a cute and unusual holiday or “thank you” gift?)"  Price - $4.00
OUR PRECIOUS GIRL - "If people tend to call your little princess a he, let them know otherwise. Tell the world your dog is a girl with this “It’s a Girl!” bandana. Or, if you’ve just brought a new daughter into the family, let your dog help announce it. This is also a cute way of presenting a puppy to your children, letting them know there’s a new gal in the house." - Price - $4.00
(see right side of picture)
OUR PRECIOUS BOY - "If people tend to call your little fella a she, let them know otherwise. Tell the world your dog is a boy with this “It’s a Boy!” bandana. Or, if you’ve just brought a new son into the family, let your dog help announce it. This is also a cute way of presenting a puppy to your children, letting them know there’s a new man in the house."  Price - $4.00
(see left side of picture)
MY DOG, MY HEART - "This scarf is covered in hearts to show the world how much you love your dog. Dogs have a way of filling our heart with their loving ways. After all, who else greets you with yips and yaps, dances and jumps, wagging tail and special kisses whether you’ve been gone all day or just thirty minutes?"  Price - $2.00 (note: although this is listed as an "any occasion" design, it would work well for Valentine's Day.)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - "Whether you’re celebrating your dog’s special day or he’s helping announce and celebrate yours, this colorful scarf gives the message loud and clear."  Price - $4.00
(note: this colorful fabric has "dancing" presents, cake, and party hats - reminiscent of the dancing food shown at movie theatres before the show.)
THANKFUL FOR YOU - "When I count my blessings this Thanksgiving holiday, you can bet I count you twice, my precious dog. You are such a big part of my life and I can’t imagine my world without you in it. It’s a blessing to have your paw prints all over my heart."  Price - $4.00
(note: fall colors, leaves, and various Thanksgiving words such as thankful, family gatherings, happy Thanksgiving, etc.)

HAPPY HOWL-OWEEN - "Trick or treat? No doubt about it, your dog is all treat and all the Halloween candy in the world isn’t nearly as sweet as he is."  Price - $4.00

MUMMY'S DOG - "Whether your dog prefers his mother or his father, this eerie bandana is perfect for celebrating Halloween. Seeing your pooch decked out in this spooky scarf won’t scare you away. After all, his mummy loves him no matter what."
Price - $4.00
OUR LITTLE PUMPKIN - "Your darling dog is already adorable, we all know that, but with this bandana, there will be no doubt she’s your precious pumpkin. This scarf is ideal for both Halloween or Thanksgiving, easily bridging October and November."  Price - $4.00
(note: photo will be added soon - tan fabric with orange pumpkins...not jack-o-lanterns)
BOUNTIFUL BLESSINGS - "Thanksgiving is filled with good eats and, no doubt, your dog wants to blend right in. That way he can hide under the table and maybe you won’t notice when he gobbles up any crumbs that make it to the floor."  Price - $4.00
CANDY CANES - "Candy canes, sugar plums, ribbon candy. This is the time of year when we’re surrounded by sweets. Nothing could be sweeter, though, than our beloved dog. Can’t imagine the holidays without our sweetheart!"  Price- $4.00

OUR LITTLE REIN-DEAR- "Santa has nothing on us. Sure, he has lots of reindeer, but we have our own dear. We’re talking about our dog, of course! So there’s no nose that lights up and saves Christmas. Our dog lights up our hearts and we can’t imagine the holidays without our beloved." Price- $4.00

CANDY CANES - "Candy canes, sugar plums, ribbon candy. This is the time of year when we’re surrounded by sweets. Nothing could be sweeter, though, than our beloved dog. Can’t imagine the holidays without our sweetheart!" Price- $4.00
MY FURRY VALENTINE - "Cupid definitely struck my heart the day I first laid eyes on you. Your big, beautiful eyes seem to stare right through to my soul. That cold, wet nose, that darling face. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather cuddle with! You warm me, heart and mind. I will be yours “furever,” my special, special valentine." Price - $4.00