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Great news! We now have gift certificates available. If you want to give a gift that will help Kindred Spirits, but aren't sure what to buy, give a gift certificate. This will allow your loved one to choose their own perfect gift.
Please note that we are in the process of updating the items on this page.

Kindred Spirits items
By wearing a Kindred Spirits t-shirt or sending our notecards, you are doing more than providing us with direct funds.  You are also letting others know about our work.
Kindred Jewelry by dana
Gorgeous handcrafted, high quality pieces.  You've probably seen handmade jewelry before, but nothing like this. 
bandanas and collar charms for dog
Dana's "Knit Picks"
A beautiful selection of handcrafted, knitted pieces for all ages. 
Crafted locally in North Carolina by a very talent woodcrafter.  Birdhouses, birdfeeders, bat houses, cutting boards, canes and hiking sticks