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Kindred Jewelry by dana

As my health has declined, it has become challenging to continue this work, let alone put together and host fundraisers.  In searching for ways of raising money for our patients, I stumbled on the idea of making jewelry.  I wasn't certain I'd be any good at it, but much to my surprise, I am (if I do say so myself.  Luckily you don't have to take my word for it.  We have many customer reviews you can check out).  Anyway, this is how Kindred Jewelry by dana was born.

The Kindred Jewelry line is quite extensive.  It features necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets.  There is also jewelry for the hair (HEAD of the Class) such as hairbands, barrettes, combs, and hair pins.  Jewelry for the car (Red CAR-pet) features rearview mirror danglers and keychains.  Also available are World's Best Bookmarks (Going to Mark-It), eyeglass chains (The EYES Have It) and decorative ID holders. 

I can create a piece for absolutely anyone.  It can revolve around the person's hobby, career, favorite animal, you name it, I can create it.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are not happy with an item I've made, I will remake it so you are.  There is no additional charge for custom pieces, either.  Prices are based solely on the cost of supplies used, not my time. (I half-way tease that if I did charge based on time, I'd have to charge over $1,000 per item because I put a lot of time in each design. I can't tell you how many times I have completely dismantled a piece simply because one tiny bead does not suit. Since the jewelry has my name on it, it isn't offered for sale until I have it perfect.)

Kindred Jewelry by dana

Who says the only way to show support for a cause is wearing a t-shirt?  Every time someone admires your jewelry, you can explain who you're helping.  100% of the profits from these pieces goes to Kindred Spirits Wildlife Center.

Kindred Jewelry is made with high quality materials - from the parts you don't really see, to the pieces you can't take your eyes off of!  Beads are typically glass, but whatever the material, I choose only the best. 

Every piece of Kindred Jewelry by dana is named, and no two are alike.  Each piece comes in a pretty gift packet.  The decorative label has general information about Kindred Jewelry on one side and details about that particular creation on the other.  They make fantastic gifts.  The only hard part is actually parting with them.  You would be surprised how often people order these for gifts, only to order more because they ended up keeping the first ones for themselves.

Please note: the photos don't begin to do justice to these pieces.  I cannot stress this enough. In person, the colors are gorgeous.  Many of the beads have an iridescence to them that doesn't show in the photos.  Even when you see them in their gift packages, you still don't get the full effect until you take them out of the plastic and view them in the light.  The pieces don't just look good, they have a nice, expensive feel, as well.  Because they are made with glass, natural stones, etc., they have a very elegant feel that you don't get with plastic.



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